Open Office Writer Recovery Tool an Open ODT File to MS Word 2007

In spite of being an open source Open Office application is not utilized as much as MS Office is used. The reason can be the services provided by MS Office which is not provided by Open Office. Moreover users get benefits of extra features when it comes to MS Office which has more beneficiary features as compared to Open Office.

The most important issue with an ODT file is you cannot open ODT file into MS Word 2007 or any other version. Our tool on the other hand is capable to repair corrupt ODT file and also convert it into MS Word file. This tool has been built to fulfill requirement of users who want Open Office writer recovery as well as open ODT file to MS Word 2007, so that this file becomes accessible in MS Word application.

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Conversion of ODT to MS Word File 2007 - Open Office File Repair Tool

Once your .odt file gets repaired, our an open office file repair tool provides you an option to save the recovered file as new ODT file or to save file in Rich Text Format file. The latter option is to be chosen when you want to convert ODT file to Doc file as an RTF file can be opened in MS Word and the saved as document file. This will completely convert ODT file to document file and this file will be fully accessible in MS Office. Many times some Open Office users an encounter such situation where they need this conversion for e.g. a user needs to send some important file to client and client do not use Open Office and use MS Office 2007, at that time user must undergo the conversion process so as to open ODT file to MS Word 2007.

Openoffice Writer Document Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt ODT file!

In case your ODT file is damaged severely and you want to repair corrupt ODT file and recover it maintaining all its attributes like indexes, characters, diagrams, text, hyper links, text formatting, image objects, tables, page orientations, Unicode characters, header footers of the page, etc and formatting done on the ODT page then our Open Office file repair tool will provide you the same as this Openoffice writer document recovery tool has been integrated with technology which excels in maintaining all the attributes as it was in source file. Before you open ODT file into MS Word 2007, tool provides you an instant preview of the ODT file once it gets repaired.